New Slack Features Reflect the Changing Nature of Work

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Slack has unveiled some new features to helps businesses as some workers start to return to offices, some prepare to, and others stay working remotely. Techcrunch took a look at the new tools and how they reflect the changing nature of work. It all comes ahead of the messaging service’s acquisition by Salesforce.

Let’s start with Slack Huddles, the audio tool that lets you have a real-time conversation with someone in Slack instead of typing out all of your thoughts. This will be much easier for people who find typing challenging, but the company also believes it will allow more spontaneous discussion, which mimics being in the office, at least to some degree. “Huddles is a light-weight, audio-first way of communicating right in Slack. [It] recreates the spontaneous and serendipitous interactions that happen outside of scheduled meetings,” Tamar Yehoshua, chief product officer at Slack explained in a press briefing yesterday.

Check It Out: New Slack Features Reflect the Changing Nature of Work

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