Slack Update Redesigns Mobile UI With Bottom Bar

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Slack version 20.05.10 redesigns the mobile user interface. There’s a new navigation bar at the bottom with four tabs: Home view for the sidebar, DMs for private messages, Mentions to quickly see who mentioned your name/username, and You that contains app settings. I’m personally a fan of these bottom bars; they first started appearing with the iPhone X and it makes all the important bits of the app easy to reach with your thumb. That’s not the only change though. The update also brought a fast way to set reminders, a new compose button, and more. App Store: Slack – Free

Slack Update Redesigns Mobile UI With Bottom Bar

Slack Warns it Could Become a Target of Nation State Hacking

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Popular workplace app Slack is preparing to go public, and it warns investors it may become a target of nation state hacking.

Companies that are preparing to go public—such as Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Snapchat, and PagerDuty—all have sections in their S-1 registrations that address the threat of “unauthorized access” to their software, systems, and technologies. However, none of these companies explicitly referred to “organized crime” or “nation-states,” as Slack did in its S-1 filing.

Ms. Haskins also reminds us that Slack doesn’t have end-to-end encryption, and in some cases your boss can download and read your entire Slack history without you knowing.

Use Slack Remind to Remind Yourself, Colleagues, or Delay Action on a Message

· Bryan Chaffin · Quick Tip

Slack offers a Remind feature that can help keep things from slipping through the cracks. You might not have noticed it, however, so Bryan Chaffin wants to show you how to use it to remind yourself, your colleagues, or even delay action on a message.