Connect DMs Turns Slack Into a Fully-Powered Messaging App

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Slack, the increasingly popular update, has launched a new system that allows all users to privately message each other (T&Cs apply). Protocol outlined how it is trying to be the go-to destination fo all business communications.

The new system is called Connect DMs, and works a bit like the messaging apps and buddy lists of old: Users send an invite to anyone via their work email address, and once the recipient accepts their new contact is added to their Slack sidebar. The conversations are tied to the users’ organizations, but exist in a separate section of the Slack app itself. Connect DMs turns Slack from an app for chatting with co-workers into an app for chatting with anyone. It puts Slack on par with both enterprise tools like Microsoft Teams and free consumer services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. “When someone opens up their phone,” said Ilan Frank, Slack’s VP of product, “if they’re connecting with their friends, they click on Facebook or WhatsApp. If they’re connecting with someone they work with, regardless of where that person works, they should be clicking on Slack.”

[Update March 25: Slack Has to Reverse Course on Connect DMs Feature After Harassment Concerns]

Check It Out: Connect DMs Turns Slack Into a Fully-Powered Messaging App

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