Slack 4.0.0 Launches 33% Faster and uses 50% Less Memory

Slack 4.0.0 on the desktop now launches 33% faster and uses 50% less memory. VoIP calls are also 10 times faster (via VentureBeat).

Slack 4.0.0

The update takes advantage of new JavaScript tools and React UI code. Slack product lead Johnny Rodgers spoke of the update:

As people began wanting to sign in to additional workspaces, we were creating additional processes to support those workspaces, which led to the app using more memory and slowing down as people added more.

With this one, we’re able to sort of take that expectation of people signing into multiple workspaces as the base assumption and architect around that so that this same app can use far less memory, boot faster, and generally give people a lighter, snappier experience.

The update comes a month after Slack become a public company, with a stock exchange listing of WORK.

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