No, Apple Doesn’t Keep a Location List to Track You

Paige Leskin’s article about location tracking is a bit misleading. She mentions that Apple keeps a detailed location list of every place you’ve visited. Which is false, because Apple doesn’t know anything about your location. Your iPhone does though, but that data doesn’t get sent to Apple unless you specifically opt in to send analytics to Apple. This is more than semantics, because your data staying on your iPhone is the foundation of Apple’s privacy stance. If you go to Settings > General > Privacy > Location Services, you can tap on the blue text at the top that says “About Location Services & Privacy.” This section clearly states¬†“This data is encrypted and stored only on your device and will not be shared without your consent.”¬†And if you did consent to share it with Apple, you’re probably not worried.

Apple tracks and stores where you’ve been and how often (and when) you visit. But it gets even more detailed than that: Your iPhone compiles locations specific to a single address and tracks when you leave there and even how long it took to get there and by which mode of transportation.

Check It Out: No, Apple Doesn’t Keep a Location List to Track You

One thought on “No, Apple Doesn’t Keep a Location List to Track You

  • Most Apple sheeple don’t care about “privacy” vis a vis Apple’s deep probing of where you are and have been. Note how difficult it is to go to the nested security settings – and that they don’t come turned off – that you are tracked by default. Apple’s own dumb-as-a-box-of-hammers SIRI can’t answer the SIMPLEST queries when location or Wi Fi is turned off even if your location has NOTHING to do with the query. If it DOES tell you what Italian restaurants are there in Boston – and you live in L.A. – you have Wi-Fi on and are being tracked by Apple. Most people don’t use a VPN thus allowing the simplest hacks to get into your Mac or iPhone thru browsers. It would be nice if an Apple device came locked up totally and forced you to relinquish location with large easy to read type as soon as you boot up any hardware, software or web location.

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