NSA Wants to Spy on Americans Because Reasons

U.S. government servers have been getting hacked left and right. In response, the NSA wants us to think that approval of domestic spying will solve the problem, despite suffering an egregious hack in 2016 where its zero-day exploits were stolen.

“We truly need to look at the ability for us to see ourselves and right now it’s difficult for us to see ourselves,” Nakasone testified on Thursday to the Senate Armed Services Committee. Adversaries like China and Russia “are operating with increased sophistication, scope [and] scale, including operations that can end “before a warrant can be issued,” he warned.

Check It Out: NSA Wants to Spy on Americans Because Reasons

4 thoughts on “NSA Wants to Spy on Americans Because Reasons

  • Americans of people from the United States of America (USA)? It is not the same. America is from Patagonia to Canada. And North America also includes countries like Mexico or Cuba.

    1. Yes, basic reading comprehension should allow one to ascertain that a story about domestic spying from the NSA, the U.S. intelligence agency, relates to people living in the United States.

      But I guess not all possess such skill, nor have anything worthwhile to say, other than to engage in some irrelevant pedantry.

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