Pandora Announces ‘Artist Takeovers’ With Guest Artists

Pandora audio takeovers with dua lipa

Pandora announced a new feature for its music stations called Artist Takeovers. It features music handpicked by a different artist with special audio commentary.

The new Artist Takeover series began rolling out in recent months with Shawn Mendes, Chris Stapleton, and more. Artist Takeover Modes are a pop-up experience on stations, and selections from each carry over into Pandora Stories playlists for continued listening.

Artist Takeovers are an extension of Pandora Modes, a feature allowing you to customize your listening experience on favorite Pandora stations by offering a set of selectable “modes” that give more control over the kinds of songs that are played.

I think this sounds like a great feature. It brings to mind guest stars on Apple Radio 1.

Check It Out: Pandora Announces ‘Artist Takeovers’ With Guest Artists

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