Control Your Mac's Audio with SoundSource 4 from Rogue Amoeba [Sponsored]

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Please join me in thanking Rogue Amoeba, makers of SoundSource (and Loopback, and Audio Hijack, and more!) for sponsoring TMO here this week. SoundSource is one of those apps that truly is for everyone, not just audio geeks, and for that reason it’s often overlooked. Let’s fix that.

SiriusXM Premier is Free Through May 15

· Andrew Orr · Link

SiriusXM logo

Announced by Howard Stern, Sirius XM is giving people free access to Premier content through May 15, starting today.

Listeners will have free access to more than 300 channels of dynamic programming, featuring the acclaimed The Howard Stern Show , hundreds of exclusive ad-free music channels, and vital news and information sources.  SiriusXM is also adding entirely new curated content, and bringing back some beloved music channels by top artists.

Pinna Gets Your Kids into Podcasts and Audiobooks

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Meghan Moravcik Walbert writes how she introduced her son to podcasts and audiobooks with a streaming service called Pinna.

I’ve been wanting to introduce him to podcasts for some time. He’s the sort of kid who plays while he watches TV, so he tends to listen to a show more than fully watch the show. Plus, he loves to read and create his own comic books, so storytelling in general is something that he, like most kids, is very much into.