Future Spotify Ads Will Use Voice Interaction

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Spotify is experimenting with voice technology, and future Spotify ads will use users to interact with them with voice commands (via TechCrunch).

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Spotify Ads With Voice

The company is already testing these voice ads for certain free mobile users. When a voice ad runs, it will ‘encourage’ users to explore the content by saying “Play Now” and gives the listener time to respond. If a user says anything else, a tone will sound and the mic will be turned off, continuing with the content.

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So far users aren’t actually required to say “Play Now.” And you can opt out by going into settings and find “Voice Enabled Ads.” On Monday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek told investors:

We believe voice — really across all platforms — are critical areas of growth, particularly for music and audio content. And we’re investing in it, and we’re testing ways to explore and refine our offering in this arena.

Currently these voice ads are only live for U.S. users on Spotify’s free tier.

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