Today DuckDuckGo published a post about the risks of using public charging stations. Technology exists that lets hackers install malware via these chargers. While I personally think the risk is a bit overblown, this is an argument I think can be added in favor of a portless iPhone.

Although it has become synonymous with charging, USB technology was initially developed with the aim of transmitting data. Thus, hackers can use these public charging stations to install malware on your smartphone or tablet through a compromised USB cable. This process, called “juice jacking”, allows hackers to read and export your data, including your passwords. They can even lock your device this way, rendering it unusable.

Check It Out: How Worried Should You Be About Public USB Charging Stations?

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  1. Macsee

    Wireless charging is a waste of energy. Whatever wired is always the best approach, if possible. Just use an alternating-current (AC) adapter or “USB condom”, as the article states. We are destroying the planet Earth and some people does not seem to care!

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