I think it’s a safe assumption that Rudy Giuliani, named as Trump’s cybersecurity advisor, probably doesn’t know anything about cybersecurity. My evidence? He forgot the passcode to his own iPhone.

Giuliani showed up at the San Francisco store after being locked out of his iPhone, just 26 days after Trump named him cybersecurity adviser, NBC News reported Thursday, citing interviews with two sources and an internal Apple Store memo.

The former New York mayor had entered his passcode incorrectly 10 times and went to the store for help — a troubling move that suggests a sloppy approach to cybersecurity for someone so close to the president, experts said.

Check It Out: Trump Cybersecurity Advisor Rudy Giuliani Probably Doesn’t Know Much About Cybersecurity

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  1. geoduck

    God, an idiot that surrounds himself with idiots. A true idiocracy. The founding chapter of Mental Midgets Anonymous. Proof that while any kid can grow up to be President, that is not a good thing. If fools rush in where angels fear to tread, the Trump crowd is riding a rocket car. If you judge a man by the quality of friends he keeps, then Trump has the quality of a cheap Gladware knock off in a job that requires the finest spring steel. Four more years and there will be nothing left of America make Great. Or did me mean Grate, as in ground up and sold for a low price.

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