Swiss company Salt has launched an Apple TV remote alternative with more buttons and less touch pad.

Thanks to Apple’s input, the alternative remote doesn’t require any pairing with ‌Apple TV‌ and works out of the box. It includes directional arrows in place of the Siri Remote’s glass Touch surface, a power button in addition to a Menu button, along with separate volume and channel rockers and traditional media playback buttons.

Supposedly Apple even worked with Salt to create this.

Check It Out: Swiss Company Launches Apple TV Remote Alternative

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  1. brett_x

    I wish they’d take my money, but it doesn’t look like you can order internationally.
    I thought people were overreacting about the device until I owned one. I’ve had it for about 2 years, and still swear at it almost ever day (and I don’t watch much TV). I did get the “side click”, which makes it tolerable, but the touch interface is infuriating.

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