File Speeds Using iOS Files are Terrible Compared to Finder

apple Files app Merge PDFs on iOS

Redditor u/j1ggl did a test to compare Finder and Files using a folder of 2048 texture files. The folder was only 1MB, but iOS Files still handled different tasks way worse than Finder. For example, using the app’s built-in zip function, zipping the folder took 3 seconds with Finder and 38 seconds with Files. Unzipping took 7 seconds versus 42 seconds, respectively.

Conclusion: The Files app for iPhone/iPad is badly optimized and not ready to handle a larger amount of files, even though they take up just 1MB in total. It is also worth noting that the iPad required several reboots to even achieve the zipping and unzipping of the folder.

Check It Out: File Speeds Using iOS Files are Terrible Compared to Finder

4 thoughts on “File Speeds Using iOS Files are Terrible Compared to Finder

  • I don’t know under which conditions this dude made the test. My 10.5 iPadPro opens and copy faster an 150MB jpeg as my 2015 i7 MBP.
    Testing something without detailed specified conditions is not a test!

  • iOS is a limited jailed sandboxed toy. macOS is the real computer. Apple should make a Mac tablet with Intel x86 inside for full compatibility with the rest (95%) of the world (Windows).

    1. For what an iPad is really good at, having x86 or any processor capable of running Windows isn’t necessary. The only incompatibilities that I find using my iPad are on old outdated web pages not designed for modern universal html and/or they still use the ridiculously obsolete Adobe Flash.

      As for the other stuff I do on the iPad, I haven’t really run into that many things like file types (from intel based creator apps) I open that the iPad doesn’t handle them pretty well.

      Since I don’t try to use the iPad for business work, there’s surely advantages for closer intel/win compatibility, but for just quick looks at stuff, the iPad does amazingly well. It’s a light duty machine that’s not really intended to be more than what it is. And it’s very good at a lot of things, just not big spreadsheets, big highly formatted Word and PPT files. The screen is too small to do serious work on a lot of stuff.

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