Spotify Limits Music Transfer App ‘SongShift’ for its Platform


SongShift is an app that helps you transfer your songs between different streaming services. But Spotify is putting its foot down. Users can transfer songs from other services to Spotify, but not transfer them out of Spotify.

To continue to provide some level of support for Spotify, we’ll still be supporting transferring from other services to Spotify. We will continue to roll out planned features for SongShift. Some quality of life improvements, some new supported services, and other things best left a surprise.

*Any new features will have the same limitation of not supporting transfers out of Spotify.

You’ve heard of Spotify, the company that criticizes Apple for alleged anti-competitive behavior.

Check It Out: Spotify Limits Music Transfer App ‘SongShift’ for its Platform

2 thoughts on “Spotify Limits Music Transfer App ‘SongShift’ for its Platform

  • I wish we had a library app that lets you use your choice of streaming service via plugin. The library and playlists would remain yours. When you decide to change services, you run a matching tool against the new provider.

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