Do You Own a Tesla? It’s Vulnerable to Hacking

Security experts found that Teslas are vulnerable to certain kinds of hacks. One expert, Brian DeMuth, said there are no easy ways to prevent it, but you can take some measures.

There are a few things that can reduce the risk if you are willing to accept diminished functionality in the car. For example, the telematics unit can be removed from the vehicle to eliminate attacks over the cellular network, but this also will prevent mobile apps and other remote functionality from working. Removing the telematics unit could also trigger warnings and other errors to appear in the instrument cluster or infotainment system.

Check It Out: Do You Own a Tesla? It’s Vulnerable to Hacking

One thought on “Do You Own a Tesla? It’s Vulnerable to Hacking

  • SHAME ON MAC OB for promoting an OBVIOUS ADVERTISEMENT for a suite of BS software allegedly to help prevent a theoretical threat at least as far as Tesla is concerned – all others should worry though. Tesla offers a million bucks to anyone that can hack a Model 3 and you’d think the prize would’ve been taken right? No. This March is another annual white hat hack off with Tesla providing lots of cash for a myriad of levels of vulnerabilities for possible breach. Last time they gave a Model 3 away to a couple dudes that hacked the infotainment system – patch was done next day. I think GM is the only other mfg that actively pays white hats to hack their stuff. I would venture to guess that Elon has it covered since so far hundreds of millions of miles have been put on Tesla’s with zero hacks. Can’t say that about most any other brand of connected device can we??? (note I’m not speaking of easily hacked regular cars with ECUs and company infotainment systems that are dumb easy to hack – “smart” cars is what I’m referring to here) 🚗

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