Time For Apple to Revisit Its Slice

Developers have been paid more than  billion since Apple's App Store launched in 2008

M.G. Siegler’s views on Apple are always worth reading. As we wait for the ‘It’s Show Time’ event on Monday, he looked at one of the most pressing issues the company is having to tackle – the cut it takes of purchases made through its platforms. He said that while it will add complexity, things like the 30% App Store cut need revisiting.

The 30% cut is under assault from multiple angles. Spotify is the most high-profile example — antitrust complaints tend to do that — but it was hardly the first or the only grievance in this regard. Multiple businesses across multiple sectors are now vocally complaining about such a cut — and some, from small developers, to the biggest of the behemoths like Amazon and Netflix, are balking at coughing up such a bounty to Apple. Meanwhile digital stores from other companies are revisiting their own cuts. Competition is doing its job.

Check It Out: Time For Apple to Revisit Its Slice

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