Weed firms are using online influencers to get around rules that prohibit the marketing of cannabis, even in U.S. states where the drug is legal. These influencers tend to be young women, who post on Instagram and YouTube, according to a report in Wired. Content can range from confessional videos to product reviews. Even though YouTube said it prohibits content around regulated substances like marijuana and removes the videos when it discovers them, firms marketing the products are benefiting from the influencers’ work.

For marketing agencies and companies selling cannabis products, influencers have been a boon – a creative way to get around regulations, with the added impression of authenticity. Typically, the more people that are looking at your product, or your posts, the better. But as public and legal attitudes to cannabis have shifted, the subcultures immersed in it are being subject to more scrutiny than before.

Check It Out: Weed Influencers Online are Helping Firms Get Around Advertising Regulations

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  1. alainaelder

    What a smart way around the rules, Charlotte. I find it humorous to find out about these types of “loopholes”. It’s actually the first time I heard about these restrictions when marketing for CBD and THC brands. Still, everyone should do his/her own research to see which product and brand fit his/her need the most because influencers will always say that they’re using the best delta 8 thc and it’s difficult to choose when they all say they’ve got the best.

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