I wasn’t going to bother with Xiaomi’s new “Mimoji” until I learned the company is threatening to sue journalists who call it a copycat without providing evidence. It sounds like it’s only writers in China and not journalists in other countries, but that shouldn’t matter.

As Gizmochina notes, PR head Xu Jieyun posted the app’s naming timeline, and said that the “functional logic difference between the two products is huge.” It also promised “the next phase of action” against people who said it was copying Apple’s Memoji without proof.

Check It Out: Xiaomi Threatens to Sue Writers Who Cry Copycat Over ‘Mimoji’

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  1. geoduck

    Civil court is the last refuge of the scoundrel.
    Remember though, this is China and Xiaomi is WELL connected to the government. If they sue someone, they will win.

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