Zoom Meetings Aren’t Encrypted End-to-End, Despite Marketing

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Along with recent news that Zoom sent your data to Facebook (although it stopped) now we learn that its video calls don’t use end-to-end encryption, despite the company marketing it as such.

…But despite this misleading marketing, the service actually does not support end-to-end encryption for video and audio content, at least as the term is commonly understood. Instead it offers what is usually called transport encryption, explained further below.

It just keeps getting worse for Zoom. It’s unfortunate the company has chosen such tactics, because it really is one of the better video calling apps out there.

Check It Out: Zoom Meetings Aren’t Encrypted End-to-End, Despite Marketing

One thought on “Zoom Meetings Aren’t Encrypted End-to-End, Despite Marketing

  • Andrew:

    I, too, really like and use Zoom, as does the university and a number of organisations with which I work.

    This is about money. Any communications and data transfer startup apparently not engaged in the harvesting and trade in personal data is likely either somebody else’s lunch or road kill. To collect those data, in a highly competitive and non-regulated environment, is apparently by any means effective, which typically involves deceit, either by commission or omission.

    Perhaps the social media and communications industries should adopt the motto from The X Files, ‘Believe the lie’.

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