Mark Zuckerberg has once again criticized Apple for its privacy, saying that the company is anti-competitive because of iMessage (among other things).

We increasingly see Apple as one of our biggest competitors,” Zuckerberg said, noting that Apple’s iMessage software is preinstalled on iPhones — enabling it to become the most widely used messaging service in the United States, as opposed to Facebook’s WhatsApp — and that Apple’s growing investment in services also enables it to compete with Facebook and other apps that use its iOS software platform.

Check It Out: Mark Zuckerberg says Apple is Anti-Competitive in Facebook Earnings Call

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  1. JBSlough

    He’s he seriously saying that iMessages is the most widely used message service over his What’s App? Really, Mark? Apple has like, what 30% market share in smartphones? The biggest complaint I hear from people is that it’s not on Android.

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