100MP at 60FPS Required To Capture Video For Apple Vision Pro, says Canon

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro has been out for over a month, and many more details about the AR/VR device are public now. It’s one of Apple’s smartest pieces of tech in years. Other tech leaders, like Sam Altman, also believe so. Conversely, Mark Zuckerberg has a different opinion.

The problem with smart tech is that it might make other available tech seem outdated. Canon shared something on the same note. Notably, several camera OEMs have been exploring 3D, VR, and AR for quite some time. But the Apple Vision Pro poses a very different challenge. At least, Canon believes so.

During a recent CP+ camera show in Yokohama, Japan, Canon spoke to Petapixel, where the officials shared challenges surrounding Apple Vision Pro. The company shared that it is closest to producing immersive content for Apple Vision Pro with its 5.2mm f/2.8 L lens. However, what’s stopping them is that they can’t match the required refresh rate.

Canon’s Senior Managing Executive Officer, Go Takura, believes the VR market has been growing even before the Apple Vision Pro release. The executives see this as an opportunity and are working on making suitable cameras. Canon, per Takura, “technically, theoretically, [we] can do that.”

“The problem is whether we can come up with the products that can be commercially viable and a price can be affordable enough for the customers to be able to buy them,” Takura adds.

Another Canon executive explained that the Apple Vision Pro requires at least 100 MP with 60 frames per second. For reference, 100 MP equals nearly 14K resolution. Such high-tech cameras are available but not for personal use. For instance, the Sphere’s Big Sky camera comes closer with its 18K capability. But it requires 12 people to operate and costs a fortune—over a million dollars. So much for the best viewing experience?

No camera in the market checks the boxes for the Vision Pro: 14k at 60FPS. Regardless, Canon is pushing its limits to create something to meet these requirements, and it’s a goal for the company.


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