Mark Zuckerberg Downplays Apple Vision Pro, Says Quest 3 Is Better

Apple Vision Pro

Now that Apple Vision Pro has been out in the wild for a while now, everyone and their mother who have put the headsets on their head or not are giving their opinion on Apple’s shiny new tech. Hoping on this bandwagon, Mark Zuckerberg posted a video on Instagram, sharing his two cents about Apple’s $3,499 AR/VR headset and comparing it with his company’s $500 Quest 3 headset. 

Mark Zuckerberg Compares Quest 3 With Apple Vision Pro

In the video, shot using the Quest 3’s mixed reality passthrough system, Zuckerberg begins the Vision Pro review by saying he expected the Quest 3 to be a best-value product when compared to the price tag of the Vision Pro. However, in his opinion, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, he says, “The Quest 3 is the better product, period.” 

Moreover, Zuckerberg believes that the Quest is the “best at the vast majority of things that the people use mixed reality for.” He then highlights the differences between the display and weight of Vision Pro and Quest 3. The Quest 3 has a brighter, high-quality passthrough with a big screen, and you can see it in action with a few browser windows and a couple of other tabs in the video for a brief moment.

He also briefly mentions that the Vision Pro has motion blur when you move around, while the Quest 3 is a lot crisper. Speaking of moving around, he also mentions that, unlike Vision Pro, no wires will get in the way when you move around. 

Besides this, Zuckerberg emphasizes how comfortable the Quest 3 is to wear compared to the Vision Pro, thanks to its lightweight body, weighing 120 grams less than Apple’s headset. He also thinks that Quest’s physical hand controllers and hand tracking for inputs are more accurate than Vision Pro. 

Lastly, Zuckerberg mentions that Quest’s library has immersive content that is bigger and better than Apple’s, and you can also watch YouTube or play Xbox games on Quest 3 if you wish to. 

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