15:21 Cork iPhone Cases are Sustainably Harvested

1521 cork iPhone case

15:21 is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden and it makes iPhone cases out of cork, including cases for the iPhone 12 smartphone line.

iPhone 12 Cork Cases

Cork is a material harvested from a specific layer of bark (phellem layer) on trees, usually on the cork oak tree. These trees are typically found on the Iberian peninsula in Portugal and Spain. It’s considered to be a sustainable material because the trees don’t need to be cut down and can live up to 300 years. Instead, the bark is removed every nine years and is naturally impermeable, elastic, buoyant, and flame retardant.

Although not marketed with “military-grade drop protection” like MIL-STD-810G-516.7, there’s a good chance that cork can help protect your iPhone against drops because of the aforementioned natural properties.

15:21 sells a range of cases for multiple iPhone models and every product I’ve seen on their website costs €39, or US$46.58.

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