1Password Adds New Features to Mini in Update

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1Password gave its mini window a bit of an upgrade in its latest release. The popular password management tool also updated how memberships are migrated across multiple devices.

1Password’s Not So Mini Update

The release notes for version 7.3.1 showed the focus of the update was improving the mini window. This allows you to use 1Password quickly, without opening the full application. It was introduced in 7.3.

The notes said it added the ability to use tags from mini. It also said users can save, copy and fill from a website with a password field from mini. Favorite can be set as default view in mini, and it now supports suggestions for TikTok and Kobo.

As ever with these updates, a variety of bugs were fixed too.  These included an issued that sometimes made 1Password mini crash in older versions of macOS.

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