Australian Women’s Cricket Team uses Apple Watch to Train

The Australian Women’s Cricket team uses the Apple Watch to train. Collected data includes mood and sleep as a way to avoid major injuries.

Apple Watch Cricket

Each player wears an Apple Watch to track and share their activity. This lets coaches monitor and modify training in real time based on metrics like training load, heart rate, mood and sleep data.

Australian Women's Cricket Team uses Apple Watch to Train

Performance coach David Bailey shared his thoughts:

Apple Watch delivers highly accurate and instantaneous data, which has helped us overcome previous challenges where player data reached us too late to be leveraged. Now we can analyse player data in real time and put interventions in place to manage player fatigue and mitigate the risk of injury. Since the team has worn Apple Watch and shared activity, we’ve seen players become more accountable and engaged in the training process, more motivated by the data, and have more fun along the way.

The Australian Institute of Sport created a special app to give coaches and players an athlete management system. Injury often happens due to player fatigue, and being able to quantify that helps the athletes play safer.

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