3 Members Leaving Apple’s Industrial Design Team

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Apple’s famous industrial design team is undergoing significant change. Team members Rico Zorkendorfer and Daniele De Iuliis departed recently. Another, Julian Hönig, will shortly leave too (vis Wall Street Journal).

1 Infinite Loop

Long Serving Employees Leaving

Between them, Mr. Zorkendorfer and Mr. De Iullis had over 35 years of experience at Apple. Mr. Zorkendrofer left to spend more time with his family.  It was not known what the others who are departing will do at the time of this writing.

The industrial design team, led by Sir Jony Ive, is a powerful and close-knit unit within Apple. It only has around two-dozen members, so 3 departures happening at the time is significant. However, Mr. Zorkendorfer looked at the positives.“We have incredible new designers—a new generation,” he said. “What we’ve been able to do the last few decades will continue. The talent is there.”



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