3 Places to Find Great iPhone and iPad Shortcuts

Making your own Shortcuts to automate your iPhone or iPad isn’t hard, but it’s a lot easier when someone has already done the work for you. We put together a list of three Shortcuts repository websites where you can find lots of pre-made shortcuts you can use or modify to fit your needs.


RoutineHub lists trending shortcuts, and has plenty of categories so you can filter out what you aren’t looking for. It also lets you search for shortcuts based on app, which is really handy. If you set up an account, you can upload your own shortcuts, too.

RoutineHub website showing downloadable Shortcuts
The RoutineHub Shortcuts collection


ShareShortcuts has Newest and Top 100 categories for finding the latest and most popular shortcuts. It also has some cool shortcuts to keep your installed shortcuts up to date, and to see their gallery in the Shortcuts app. It also lets users who sign up for an account share their own shortcuts.

ShareShortcuts website showing downloadable Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad
The ShareShortcuts website and its Shortcuts collection

MacStories Shortcuts Archive

The MacStories Shortcuts library is sorted by categories. Everything here was made my Federico Viticci and the rest of the MacStories team. There are loads of shortcuts here worth checking out covering home automation, specific apps, Apple TV, email, JavaScript, and more.

MacStories website showing its Shortcuts library
MacStories library of its own Shortcuts you can download

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