4 More Must-have Mac Menu Bar Add-ons

Last week we shared several menu bar add-ons to make your Mac more useful. Since there are plenty more that we didn’t include, we have another list for you. Read on to discover four more menu bar add-ons for your Mac.


Apple’s built-in Sound menu bar item, but it’s down right anemic compared to SoundSource from Rogue Amoeba. SoundSource gives you control of all your audio output and input sources, lets you direct sound to specific audio out devices on a per-app basis, control audio levels for each app, sports a 10-band equalizer for each running app, has an option to enhance audio quality, and more, all from your menu bar. SoundSource costs US$39 and is available at the Rogue Amoeba website.

SoundSource showing audio settings for Mac apps
SoundSource gives you all the control over your Mac’s audio


MacUpdater from Core Code takes the hassle out of keeping track of which apps on your Mac need updating. It shows a list of your installed apps and their update status, plus it doesn’t require an account that lets the developers—or any one else—see what’s on your Mac. MacUpdater tracks more than 60,000 apps, so there’s a good chance whatever is installed on your Mac is in the database. MacUpdater is available for download at the Core Code website. It’s free in scanning mode, and $14.99 to unlock all features.

MacUpdater showing Mac apps with updates available
MacUpdater shows which installed apps have updates available


With so many meetings online, and so many web meeting services, there’s a lot to keep track of. Meeter aims to fix that by giving you a single location to see all of your scheduled remote meetings, and connect to them, too. The app supports Zoom, Hangouts, Google Meet, Webex, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and more. It’s free on Apple’s Mac App Store.

Meeter menu bar item showing upcoming web meetings
Meeter lists all your upcoming web meetings in one place


TripMode is all about controlling what uses your Mac’s internet bandwidth, and when it gets used. It’s really useful when you’re tethering to your iPhone’s wireless data plan, but also handy when you want to stop certain apps or services from horning in on your home or office bandwidth when you’re in web meetings. TripMode costs $15 and can be downloaded at the TripMode website.

TripMode controlling which Mac apps have network access
TripMode lets you control which apps and services use your Mac’s network connection

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