71% of Students Prefer Mac to PC

Person using a macbook

Students prefer Macs over PCs, according to a new survey. Apple’s brand is one of the main reasons why (via MacRumors).

Cost a Consideration

71% of students use or would prefer to use a Mac over a PC, the survey by Jamf found. 40% said they use an Apple device, while 31% use PC but would prefer a Mac. The main reason students chose Mac was that they “like the brand” (64%) and for the “style and design” (60%). Other reasons for preferring Apple’s computers were:

  • Reliability – 57%)
  • Syncing with other devices – 49%
  • Durability – 48%
  • Best with apps – 37%

51% said that price was the top reason that they chose PC. The survey was conducted for Jamf by Vanson Bourne. It took in response from 2, 244 students from five different countries.


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