AirPod Sales to Grow, But Apple Likely to Lose Market Share

Image of AirPods an AirPods case on a white background.

Apple is likely to lose some market share in the true wireless (TWS) space this year. That’s despite sales of AirPods being projected to increase during that time. This is down to the overall market growing as rival firms offer equivalent products, often at lower price points than Apple.

AirPods to Dominate a Growing Market

Counterpoint analyst Liz Lee told Bloomberg News that the AirPod sales will grow by a third this year. However, “the low-to-mid end segment including Chinese brands and U.S. makers such as JLab is taking away share from the premium market,” she explained.  “We believe that Samsung can attract more users, especially Android phone users, if it provides a wider selection of TWS devices from mid to high-end with at least two or three variations.”

Apple probably shouldn’t be too worried though. Sales of the AirPods range are forecast to go from 61 million to 82 million, while sales of Samsung’s equivalent products are projected to more than double from eight million to 17 million. The market might be expanding, but Apple is still the dominant force.

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