AirPower on the Fast Track to Failure

Apple AirPower wireless charging mat

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad was announced over a year ago, but still hasn’t shipped. Apple even removed mention of it from its website. A new report says the device is plagued with technical issues and may never ship.

Apple AirPower wireless charging mat
Phil Schiller shows off AirPower in September 2017

Well known leak source Sonny Dickenson says insiders have spilled the beans on AirPower’s status, and it doesn’t look good. The device is touted as a wireless charging pad that supports up to three devices, like your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods, so they all charge at the same time.

Insider sources say the device currently has heat management issues, problems with inter-device communication, and interference issues. In short, AirPower is nothing more than a big bag of fail at this point.

From the report:

For the moment being, as has been mentioned all over the place since Apple’s most recent iPhone event, Apple has, for now, scrubbed almost every mention of the wireless charging device from their website, suggesting that the product will either be canceled, dramatically delayed, or taken back to the drawing board with an all new design that would have a different appearance than the one Apple showed us at the 2017 iPhone X event.

The report goes on to say that Apple may scrap AirPower and “the AirPower concept and trademark are likely to be applied to an all new product.”

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Right now, scrapping AirPower and coming up with something else that uses the same name seems like a pretty safe bet. Apple had nothing more than prototypes to show off in 2017, and a year later didn’t even have that.

If you’re holding out for AirPower, or even the also promised AirPods wireless charging case, maybe it’s time to start looking for alternatives.

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  • Figures. Too bad Apple didn’t talk to Tesla earlier because Tesla is doing another release of their wireless charger for phones because of consumer demand – first batch sold out immediately. 🚗

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