AirTag Competitor Tile Launches Scan and Secure Feature to Fend Off Suspicious Tracking

Tile Launches Scan and Secure Feature to Fend Off Suspicious Tracking

Tile, one of Apple AirTag’s competitors, is offering a new tool that aims to fend off unwanted tracking. Rolling out this week, Scan & Secure works with the Tile mobile app to help users determine whether a Tile-enabled device is following or tracking them.

Tile Safe & Secure – How Does it Prevent Unwanted Tracking

Announced in October 2021 and released beginning March 16, Safe & Secure will determine whether a Tile-enabled device is traveling with users. Users don’t need to own a Tile device or be part of the Tile network to use the feature. It is available in the Tile mobile app for both iPhone and Android users.

To use the Safe & Secure feature, users should update to the latest version of the Tile app on their mobile devices. After updating the app, the users just need to tap on the Scan option at the top-right corner of the app’s main screen. Tile said that there would be instances when users could be asked to walk  (or sometimes even drive) away from their original location. Scanning could last up to 10 minutes before the app gives the result. Users also need to turn on Location or Location Services and Precise Location on their iPhone or Android device.

What to Do with the Scan Results

Once Scan completes, the app displays any nearby unknown Tile devices. Users can save the results and give them to law enforcement later on. Tile also suggested safety tips after completing the scan and identifying a Tile-enabled device traveling with user. These recommendations include thoroughly searching for the device. People should check hidden pockets, purses, toys, vehicle compartments, and other places where someone could have concealed the device. After finding the device, users should turn over the unwanted Tile devices to law enforcement. If necessary, they should file a police report. Tile said that it would work with authorities through court orders to identify the owner of Tile devices found to be illegally tracking people instead of missing items.

How is Tile’s Safe & Secure Feature Differs from AirTag’s Safety Measures

Safe & Secure feature offers a useful way of determining whether users are being tracked using Tile devices. But it falls short of the comprehensiveness of Apple’s safety features for the AirTag, which is more proactive. For starters, iOS now warns users about the possibility of someone stalking them through AirTags. Furthermore, iOS displays warnings to would-be stalkers. These disclaimers inform users Apple can identify them and give their information to law enforcement. Apple made these available with the release of iOS 15.4 as part of the anti-stalking feature of the AirTag. Apple will also let users locate AirTags that are unknowingly traveling with them through the use of precision technologies and louder alerts. 

5 thoughts on “AirTag Competitor Tile Launches Scan and Secure Feature to Fend Off Suspicious Tracking

  • You have to install the Tile app to perform this scan? So, one does not have a tile but you have to install an app for a device you don’t use—how many other tracking devices are there out there? It sounds like one would have to install an app for each in order to detect a device stalking you. Whack-a-mole.

  • Recently there was a story in local weekly magazine about a woman who had an AirTag in her auto. The auto was stolen, the AirTag was found in a gutter. The auto was recovered a few days later. Anyway one can buy a tracking device that doesn’t alert people nearby. It is nice that Apple’s has a safety feature, but that won’t stop determined stalkers.

    1. No, few of the safety measures will stop someone who really wants to stalk their prey. However, every little bit helps, even if it just thwarts those with a passing fancy or obsession that doesn’t stand up to concerted preventive measures.

      1. It is probably easier to set up an AirTag than one from some obscure brand bought on Amazon. And Apple’s is more well known so more are probably being purchased. I have one in my aged pickup truck in case it gets stolen. My newish Hyundai has it built in and I can check the location through their app.

        I am thinking of getting to put on our dog’s collar. He is chipped.

      2. I’m actually testing something completely different on my dog. It’s called a Jiobit, and has the added benefit of having a cellular connection (5G, I believe) as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The downside is it needs to be charged roughly every two weeks and there’s a monthly subscription cost involved. I’ll have more details in 1-2 weeks in a full review, but I do like the peace of mind knowing if Dakota runs off out of range of anybody’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, I can still track her.

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