Offers Final Cut Pro Users Cloud Solutions in Thanks to Workflow Extension


Alteon has developer a workflow extension that  will now allow Final Cut Pro users the ability to share files in a quick and secure manner. The workflow extension also comes packed with additional features.

Alteon is a cloud-based hub that focuses on content creators. Right now, the Alteon workflow extension is available on the App Store for free. Brings Cloud-Storage, Additional Features to Final Cut Pro Users is a SaaS platform that focuses on creatives, brands and studios, by helping them work together. Along with this new work extension for Final Cut Pro, Alteon has also produced an extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, which the company introduced September 2021.

Those that use Final Cut Pro amongst fellow collaborators, they know that shipping a hard drive to access media content can often be a chore. Now, Alteon provides an alternative, allowing users to upload files directly to its cloud storage platform. A secure cloud storage system, users can not only share their media with anyone, but users can additionally set permissions as well as optional expiration dates.

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Users that install Alteon’s Final Cut Pro workflow extensions will then be able to download media from Alteon directly into Apple’s non-linear editing (NLE) system. From here, users will be able to edit and view footage. Additionally, collaborators that are able to access projects in Alteon are able to either download the original file or generate a proxy automatically. According to Alteon, this can be especially useful while working with professional file formats that can be high-quality, such as Blackmagic RAW. Of course, Alteon supports this file type natively.

Bringing Simplicity and Options

In thanks to this workflow extension, things like shipping hard drives and dealing with complicated IT setups can be a thing of the past for creative types. Along with a cloud-based storage and file type compatibility, users can also view timestamped comments that were made in Alteon through Final Cut Pro.

Along with this workflow extension and its extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, Alteon stated they are looking to add further support for popular NLEs in the future.

In a press release, Alteon CEO and Co-Founder Matthew Cimaglia stated,

Our core mission is to democratize the creative industry, breaking down the barriers that have long prevented independent freelancers, content creators and small businesses from realizing their full potential, Cimaglia said. With our new workflow extension for Final Cut Pro, we’re meeting dedicated members of the creative community where they are, helping them work within a post-production framework they already know and love.

Users can download Alteon’s workflow extension on the Apple App Store for free.

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