Amazon Promises Prime Apple TV App Still Coming this Year

Apple TV to get Amazon Prime Video this summer

Apple TV will get the Amazon Prime app before the end of the year, according to the online retailer’s PR department.

Apple TV to get Amazon Prime Video this summer
Amazon says Prime Video still coming to Apple TV this year

Amazon PR told TidBITS, “Yes, you can expect the launch this year.” That’s a pretty clear statement that at least Amazon’s public relations team expects the app to ship this year.

Apple first announced the Amazon Prime streaming app was coming to Apple TV in June during the Worldwide Developer Conference keynote presentation. At the time we were led to believe the app would launch in the summer.

That came and went, leaving everyone assuming it would roll out along with tvOS 11 in September. When tvOS 11 shipped and the Prime streaming app was still MIA months later, talk on the internet questioned if the app was coming at all.

Now that Amazon says it’s still on the way and will be here before the end if the year. That’s a good sign, but we’ll believe it when we’re finally streaming Amazon Prime shows on our Apple TV.

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Thinking Amazon is waiting to release their third Fire TV device before Prime Video comes to the Apple TV. This would be the cube shaped Echo Dot device:

Maybe a Living Room Space race between this and the HomePod – functionality vs. speaker sound.


It’s a shame, but it’s a little too late. I can’t see Apple winning in the war of the TV devices, with smart TV’s building everything in except iTunes. They need to be making their own smart TV’s and then streaming these as options. I’m only using my 4K ATV for iTunes now because my new LG OLED remote control has a Netflix and Amazon button. No need to switch inputs & remotes. Just hit the button. I think that Apple missed the boat by restricting iTunes to their device only. I get that they like to control everything, but… Read more »