Amazon and Verizon Use Kuiper Satellites to Expand 5G Coverage

Satellite internet

Amazon and Verizon are partnering to use the former’s Kuiper satellite project. While these satellites have yet to launch, the goal is to expand 4G and 5G coverage to remote areas.

Kuiper Satellite Network

Project Kuiper is Amazon’s US$10 billion plan to put 3,236 satellites into low Earth orbit. The system will serve individual households, as well as schools, hospitals, businesses and other organizations operating in places where internet access is limited or unavailable.

Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg:

Project Kuiper offers flexibility and unique capabilities for a LEO satellite system, and we’re excited about the prospect of adding a complementary connectivity layer to our existing partnership with Amazon. We know the future will be built on our leading 5G network, designed for mobility, fixed wireless access and real-time cloud compute.

The partnership will combine the satellite system with Verizon’s infrastructure. To start, Verizon will expand its network using cellular backhaul solutions from Project Kuiper. Cellular, or mobile backhaul, means connecting cell site air interfaces to wireline networks. These are then connected to data centers that host the consumer-facing applications.

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