Androids Overtake iPhones for Longest Software Support, at Least on Paper

For years, iPhones have been known for receiving software updates for a longer period compared to most Android phones. Previously, Apple had never announced how many years of software support they would be providing for their devices.

However, with the introduction of stricter regulations in the UK, the UK’s new Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulation requires manufacturers to provide a minimum support period for security updates on internet-connected devices.

Due to this, Apple had to reveal its compliance statement for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, stating a “defined support period” of a “minimum of five years from the first supply date.” This means guaranteed security updates until September 22, 2028, for the iPhone 15 series launched in September 2023.

Credits: Android Authority

While this is a positive step for Apple users, it falls short of what Google and Samsung’s latest flagships currently offer. Both companies guarantee seven years of updates for their latest flagships, including security patches and new Android operating system versions. This gives Pixel and Galaxy users two extra years of official software support compared to iPhone users.


We want you to know that Apple has a history of providing more than the guaranteed five years of security updates. Many iPhones have received security patches for six or more years after release. Like for example, the iPhone 6S (Plus), launched in 2015, got support for seven years, i.e., from iOS 9 to iOS 15. Not to mention, Apple did this almost a decade ago, way ahead of its time.

This extended support wasn’t officially guaranteed beforehand. On the other hand, Android buyers, specifically Google and Samsung flagship users, can now be confident that their Pixel or Galaxy phone will receive official security updates for at least seven years.

However, Google has been known for dropping projects like this. Even if it has promised seven years of support, there is no assurance that it will meet its words. It’s all still on the papers. Only time will tell.

In conclusion, although Apple has traditionally been a leader in updating policies, it has been surpassed by Google and Samsung in terms of guaranteed software support.

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