Apple Announces 10 New Renewable Energy Projects Worldwide

On Wednesday Apple announced its latest efforts to meet its climate goals. Through its Power for Impact program the company is launching 10 projects around the world.

Apple Climate Update

  • Recent milestones include an 11 percent reduction in the carbon footprint of iPhone 13 Pro and an eight percent reduction for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, compared to previous generations.
  • 175 Apple suppliers will transition to using renewable energy, and the company and its suppliers will bring online more than 9 gigawatts of clean power around the world.
  • These actions will avoid over 18 million metric tons of CO2e annually — the equivalent of taking over 4 million cars off the road each year.
  • In the US, 19 suppliers in Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy Program, including Solvay, are scaling their use of renewable energy across their Apple operations, often going beyond their business with Apple.
  • In Europe, 19 suppliers are now part of the program, including STMicroelectronics, which has started nine additional projects to deliver renewable energy for its broader operations since joining Apple’s program.
  • In China, 50 suppliers are now part of the program, with many maximizing their use of on-site solutions. In India, Japan, and South Korea, 31 suppliers have joined, including SK Hynix, one of the first Korean suppliers to participate.

Power For Impact

In the U.S. Apple is working with the Oceti Sakowin Power Authority, formed by six Sioux tribes to jointly develop tribal renewable energy resources by financing, developing, constructing, and operating power generation and transmission facilities for the wholesale market.

In South Africa, Apple will bring renewable energy to over 3,500 households that previously lacked access, as well as helping to reduce electricity costs for the Pioneer School for the Visually Impaired by funding rooftop solar installations.

In Nigeria, Apple will support the development of a solar power system to serve a primary healthcare center in the state of Ondo, as well as 200 households in the surrounding region.

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