New Apple Ads Showcase iPhone Privacy, Sustainability

Apple has some new ads out that show off iPhone privacy and sustainability features. The ads have a new webpage and are currently live in Germany. We’ll keep our eyes peeled on when they appear in the U.S.

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Privacy and Sustainability

On the German webpage, the company shares its belief that the iPhone is more than a device. It’s the culmination of Apple’s ideals on privacy, recycling, energy efficiency, and more. Each of the six ads promote a decision Apple has made with regard to each ideal.

For example, in the iMessage ad the company says:

Every time you send an iMessage, you’ll help us, our goal – a future in which everything is clean energy – come closer. For every iMessage sent comes from our data centers, we operate worldwide with 100% renewable energy. That means every day are sent billions of iMessages with solar, hydro and wind power or natural gas.

You can see some of the ads here, and we’ll switch them to the English versions when they roll out.

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