Apple has apologized over a string of Chinese Apple ID hacks. Certain Apple customers were victims of a phishing attack, and they could have been protected by two-factor authentication (via The Wall Street Journal).screenshot of two-factor authentication in iOS settings, which could have prevented the chinese apple id phishing hacks.

[Apple Enables iCloud 2-Factor Verification]

Chinese Apple ID Hacks

The hacks were found last week. Chinese mobile payment companies Alipay and WeChat reported that some customers had lost money. Further investigation revealed that customers had lost money over App Store purchases they didn’t make.

Apple found that these customers didn’t have two-factor authentication enabled for their Apple ID, an important security measure to combat hacks like this. Apple didn’t say how many users were affected, how much money was stolen, or how the hackers stole the account credentials.

[How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on Facebook]

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