I visited the Apple Park Visitor Center on Friday, and it’s one of two places you can Apple-branded merchandise directly from Apple. The other is Apple Infinite Loop, the company’s retail store in its original campus, but there are more options at Apple Park Visitor Center. Here’s a look at what you can get:

Apple Shirts at the Apple Park Visitor Center

There are two designs, as shown below. The top row has a ring representing Apple Park itself with  Park below it. There are six colors (get it? Six colors?) with a white ring. These shirts remind me a lot of an iPad nano. The white and black shirts both have a rainbow colored ring. The back of these shirts in small writing near the neck is:

Apple Park
California 95014

On the bottom row are shirts that simply have the Apple logo and nothing else. Interestingly, the white and black shirts both have the original six-colored Apple logo. Honestly, I’m flabbergasted Apple would look back at a logo abandoned years ago. The back of these shirts are blank.

I should also note that the black Apple six-color logo shirt is one of the shirts available at Apple Infinite Loop. The Apple Park shirts are not available at Apple Infinite Loop, nor are there the other color options.

Apple shirts at Apple Park Visitor Center

Apple shirts at Apple Park Visitor Center

These shirts are $40 each. They come in a box, as shown below, and are 100% cotton.

Apple Park Shirts in Boxes

Apple Park Shirts in Boxes

Bags, Hats, and Baby Clothes at Apple Park Visitor Center

Apple is also offering  Park bags, as shown, at $25. To the right are Apple logo hats, which are $40. The baby shirts and onesies are priced at $20. The circle of cards are gift card choices.

Bags, Hats, and Baby Clothes at the Apple Park Visitor Center

Bags, Hats, and Baby Clothes at the Apple Park Visitor Center

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Seriously Apple? What happened to your awesome shirts with witty catchphrases ? I used to have one that said “I visited the Mothership”, that would be perfect for here. What about “Designed by Apple in California ” ??


Ironically, the six color shirts look like an iPod Shuffle lineup. (Sarcasm) Exciting new colors coming next year, with larger sizes to match Americans increasing capacity!


What happened to “screaming cheers” for a free T-shirt?


I’m assuming that all of these shirts are SS (short-sleeve) and not LS. And also no special “sports” or “wicking” material. Way too bad! I’d gladly pay for a long sleeve shirt that I could wear at sports. And I’d die for one with a 1/4 zip at the neck. (hint, hint, hint!!!!) I have past LS shirts from Apple and MacWorld. It was always hard and rare to find LS shirts, but in the years that they had them I bought them (if they were for sale). I even did a stint as an Apple volunteer to get one… Read more »


I always thought t-shirts that make you a walking advertisement should be sold at a discount, not an extra 200% markup.

Lee Dronick

Or hand them out as swag. I have a few from Apple Store grand openings.


To be fair, some of the most comfortable and durable shirts I’ve ever worn I’ve purchased from the Apple stores.

… and the Apple logo hats are certainly different. The logo is on the side. The front of the hat is completely blank!

Lee Dronick

I was up the Bay Area a few months ago and I went by to see the Apple Park, but it wasn’t yet open for visitors. I have family living the Bay Area so I will be bck up there soon enough.