Apple, Burberry Partner to Create ‘R Message’ Chat App

Apple and Burberry are partnering on a feature called “R Message” that will be integrated within Burberry’s iOS app. It will let store associates directly message customers.

R Message

R Message will first roll out for Burberry’s store in Manchester, England. It will integrate Apple Pay so customers can pay for things securely and privately. Eventually, it will roll out to all its stores.

R Message connects Burberry’s proprietary R World app for store associates to its customer-facing app. Through texting, customers with the app can make in-store appointments, receive personalised item recommendations and buy products, while associates can drive sales using an integrated back-end inventory system.

R Message was created in partnership with Apple and is invite-only, although there aren’t minimum spending requirements. It will be piloted at Burberry’s Manchester flagship before rolling out to all 431 global locations and 6,000 associates.

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