A Confusing Tale of Apple Card Fraud

There is a lot of focus on security with the Apple Card. However, that has not stopped some instances of fraud emerging.

Physical and Digital Apple Card Fraud

Last week, a reader contacted 9to5Mac saying that his titanium Apple Card had been skimmed and cloned. That despite the fact the card has no numbers on it.

A second reader contacted the publication to say that they too had been the subject of fraud too.  While skimming is fairly easy to understand, it is harder to work out how this fraud happened. Indeed, even Apple support appeared somewhat confused. This is the response the user received:

I understand this can be concerning, especially regarding your financial security, however it is the most secure system of credit cards I’ve ever seen. Not only is it extremely hard to get a hold of credit card information, but if somehow there are fraudulent charges, you will never be held responsible for unauthorized transactions on Apple Card.

Interestingly, the response also indicated cases of Apple Card fraud might not be all that rare:

I’m not entirely sure how this happens. My team is in charge of taking care of unrecognized transactions and we can only see where the transaction was made and what card was used, details of that sort.

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