Fortnite Sucks Island into Black Hole in Season ‘The End’ Finale

Epic Games has done what can only genuinely be described as an epic season ending event for Fortnite that has fans going nuts. Called “The End,” the Season X finale for the world’s most popular game ended with the island that plays host to the game being sucked into a black hole. And then Epic deleted all of the Fortnite social media presences, leaving just a link to a live stream of that black hole not doing anything other than being a black hole.


No, no, and maybe. That is, if you’re a Fortnite nut who has gone a day or so without getting your fix. Epic Games would be sued out of existence if it just ended the world’s biggest esports game that reportedly brings in US$300 million a month.

No, this is clearly a promotional stunt, and it’s a brilliant one at that, because everyone, their brother, and most of their cats are talking about this. Including me!

Here’s a tweet featuring a video of “The End.”

In any event, information about a Chapter 2 leaked via the App Store, according to Polygon. And TechCrunch noted that an internet sleuth found reference to The End ending at 6:00 AM EST Tuesday morning.

Which means that fans have less than a day to get through without dying.

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