Apple Card Customers Get 24-Month iPhone Financing

Apple Card displayed on an iPhone.

Yesterday during Apple’s earnings call one of the announcements was about iPhone financing. Apple Card customers can finance an iPhone for 24 months free of interest.

iPhone Financing

The move is attractive for customers who buy new iPhones frequently or have a carrier that doesn’t support iPhone financing. It’s also great for those who like to buy unlocked iPhones, as these models aren’t part of the iPhone Upgrade Program. Plus, since it’s an Apple purchase you’ll still get 3% cash back.

apple card iPhone financing

Some think the announcement is a move towards an “Apple Prime” subscription that may include the cost of an iPhone plus other services like Apple Music, iCloud, Apple TV+, and others. We know Apple is at least thinking of bundles like this. Recently customers on the Apple Music student plan will get an Apple TV+ subscription for no additional cost.

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