Jason Momoa Believes ‘See’ Will Help Create New Roles for Blind Actors

See Jason Momoa star Jason Momoa believes that the Apple TV+ series could help create new opportunities for blind actors. The show is based in a world in which all but two of the characters are blind. Many of the cast and crew were blind or of limited sight.

Opportunities and Representation

Speaking to Sky News, Mr. Momoa described how he and the other actors worked with blindness consultant Joe Strechay:

I mean, we’re actors, so it’s kind of great because we get to study them… I would definitely study Joe all the time. And Joe’s so good that you have to go further because he doesn’t look like he’s blind… I constantly went to him and other cast members. It was great.

“Hopefully this will create opportunities for blind actors to come on board,” said co-star Alfre Woodard. Another co-star, Marilee Talkingon, who is legally blind, praised Apple for its inclusion of visually impaired actors and crew at the recent premiere. However, she said that full representation is “long overdue.”

See vs Game of Thrones

If you’re wondering whether Mr. Moma prefers his starring roles in Game of Thrones or See:

Nothing compares to Game of Thrones. To me, it’s one of the greatest shows of recent history. You know, this is first season. There’s so many different worlds… this doesn’t really compare. But personally? This is better for me

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