Apple Card’s First Accessory: A Wooden Wallet

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Apple warned that leather and denim can stain your titanium Apple Card. To help, a company called KerfCase created a wooden wallet you can use (via TechCrunch).

KerfCase Card Case

Available in maple, spalted maple, walnut, and figured walnut, the case is a little wooden box for your Apple Card. It has an ultra suede lining (Alcantara) inside, so your Card won’t be banging around against wood.

wooden apple card wallet

It also works with other credit cards of course, and possibly even has room for a bit of cash. If you’re not afraid of looking like an eccentric, why not get it for US$39? In other news, how many wooden wallets could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wooden wallets?

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Spend. money to “protect” a credit card? Anyone that does should seek mental medical care.

Lee Dronick

Kerf as in the thin slit made by a saw blade. 😀