Google doesn’t want customers to use virtual card numbers, and that includes the one Apple Card uses. An anonymous person writes about their experience.

Last week I received my Apple Card and decided to use it on my Google Ads account for another project. Getting a little bit of daily cash back for my meager ad spend was attractive. Within a couple of hours of updating my payment method my account had become suspended for suspicious payment activity.

I’m writing this to warn anyone else that intended to use the card online that you may experience… difficulties. And if you’re planning on using the Apple Card for anything important, think again.

It makes sense, on the premise that tracking companies like Google would oppose private measures like the Apple Card. I assume other virtual cards like would suffer the same fate.

Check It Out: Google Bans Apple Card From Advertising Platform

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  1. MacHeritage

    I read the whole story and wow! Google is truly showing it’s true colours more and more every day. To think that these high end cards cannot be used for something as simple as Google Ads? A new level of weird. I had major trouble when Google axed prepaid CC with Google Ads as it was. They offered no proper explanation and I had to figure out what the problem was on my own. It truly is a black box, as he says.

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