So far iOS 13 has been full of bugs and Apple has been quickly rolling out updates to fix the various issues. Software chief Craig Federighi plans to change the company’s development process for iOS 14 (via Bloomberg).

iOS 14

At a recent internal meeting with Apple software developers, Craig Federighi and other leaders like Stacey Lysik announced changes to their system. Daily builds of iOS will have unfinished or buggy features turned off by default. Until now, some teams would add features to each daily build that weren’t fully tested, making it easier for bugs to go unnoticed.

Apple ranks the quality of its software on a scale of 1 to 100, referred to as the “white glove” test. Buggy builds score lower and stable builds are scored higher. Colors like green, yellow, and red are also assigned to features to indicate their quality during the development process.

iOS 14, codenamed “Azul” is said to “rival iOS 13 in the breadth of its new capabilities, the people familiar with Apple’s plans said.”

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I’ve used 13 since the day it was released. Its been fast and stable. Sure I’ve seen some complaints about this or that online, but they seem to be from the usual suspects that always complain. Yes Apple is rolling out patches at a good rate. I don’t mind, it shows that they are not resting on their laurels, rather they are always striving to improve.
I say again, What Disaster? Because from where I’m looking, it’s been working well on my iPhone and two iPads.


It’s not a disaster that before the release of 13 the 13.1 patch is already announced? Serious firms usually don’t do such things.


No it’s not. Samsung’s flammable phones was a disaster. Apple releasing a version of iOS a few years ago that disabled Cellular for a lot of people was a disaster. The Puck Mouse was a disaster. iOS13/13.1 was a scheduling problem for basically a good OS