Apple’s GDP Makes it 8th Richest Country in the World

Pile of hundred dollar bills.

If Apple was a country it would be the eighth richest in the world, according to analysis from Real Business Rescue. Apple GDP would be just over US$900 billion.

Apple GDP

Real Business Rescue pit corporations against countries to put these businesses into perspective. Although market cap and GDP represent different things, the comparison highlights the huge scale of the world’s most successful businesses and the power their wealth gives them on the global stage. Here are the top ten on the list.

  1. Apple – US$2.25 trillion (2.1x Mexico)
  2. Microsoft – US$1.97 trillion (1x Italy)
  3. Saudi Armco – US$1.90 trillion (4.5x UAE)
  4. Amazon – US$1.71 trillion (4x Austria)
  5. Alphabet – US$1.54 trillion (1x Russia)
  6. Meta – US$870.5 billion (4.1x New Zealand)
  7. Tencent Holdings – US$773.8 billion (2.6x South Africa)
  8. Alibaba Group – US$657.5 billion (1.6x Ireland)
  9. Berkshire Hathaway – US$624.4 billion (4x Hungary)
  10. Taiwan Semiconductor – US$558.1 billion (2.1x Vietnam)

With a GDP of just over US$900 billion, Apple’s market cap is over two and half times larger than the Netherlands and three times larger than Switzerland. Fewer than ten countries around the world, including the United States and China, have a GDP larger than the tech giant’s estimated value.

The data is also slightly out of date now. Earlier in January Apple hit the US$3 trillion market cap, a mind-boggling figure. According to physicist Rhett Allain, a stack of one trillion US$1 bills would reach to the moon and back four times. “A trillion dollar bills would make a giant sphere 240 meters across that would orbit the earth and be brighter than the space station”. And Apple’s market cap is even bigger than that.

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