Apple Experiencing iCloud Outages, Other Issues [U] Resolved

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Apple is currently experiencing outages across several of its platforms. Throughout the day, iCloud has experienced several issues, with many reporting the services down entirely. Services seem to be coming back only to immediately once again vanish. Many individuals are reporting different problems. Not everyone is experiencing the same issues.

Ed. As of 2:40 p.m. CT, Apple’s System Status page reflected all outages resolved.

Outages Bring Technical Difficulties

Starting around 12:50 p.m. EST many writers and Mac users started experiencing issues with iCloud services. One of the largest issues right now is that many users are experiencing issues with their Mail, which is affected by iCloud. Apple News as well as Music are also giving users a difficult time.

As of now, several of Apple’s biggest features are currently experiencing technical issues. You can check the availability through Apple’s official System Status. At the time of this writing the outages have seemingly been affecting systems randomly. Getting a clear list from any source that is not Apple may create complications or false news.

All Day Issues

The issues have been persisting throughout the day, with many reporting other features going down and coming back. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple’s corporate and retail systems are currently experiencing problems. Twitter user Michael Billig has posted a photo of employees at an Apple store resorting to pen and paper to do their jobs. Some users online are reporting that that they cannot access Apple’s Business Manager Portal.

The problem may also affect other apps, with some reporting issues backing up their chat history to iCloud. Additionally, several cloud services went down, including Calendar, Contacts, Mail and Private Relay, though they seem to go back and forth. Services not necessarily related to Apple are also experiencing issues due to this. Reports are coming in that Paypal, Google Maps and Plenty of Fish are also experiencing issues.

Apple has updated its status page, indicating which services are down. How long these issues will last is unknown.

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  • This morning I had a problem with Music on my Mac. My downloaded and ripped tracks and playlists were fine. Until I read this I attributed it to not having yet installed the latest OSX update. I installed the update and then Music was working as usual.

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